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Sunday, November 07, 2010

Asian Comedy Star Kate Rigg update

I dunno about star. Well maybe a little. It is getting pretty exciting out there on the University Touring and club scene. Dr Phil even told me "IF last year was hard for you, then I want to be YOU." I remember when Dr. Ken was moonlighting at Laugh Factory with his guitar and singing crazy asian tunes. He is in the movies now, bigtime, usually some kind of naked involved. I think I will stick to my stints on Law and Order, Dr Phil and the indie films to go "legit". Our gig at Harvard was hilarious. I had to change the lyrics to medical school from "all you geeks can go to hell" to "I"ll wear that lab coat in hell". I think it is permanent. Although I still maintain there is no reason for Asians to be in Wisconsin. Crab Rangoon notwithstanding. (these are all inside jokes. you need to see the act to de-code.)

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